A lot of car buyers are there who are not happy with the power and performance delivery of their car.  After some time of the car purchase, they look for the aftermarket accessories which can help in upgrading the performance of the car. An air intake system is one of the most common types of aftermarket accessories which is used for enhancing the performance of your car. It is responsible for keeping down the temperature of the engine and enhancing the internal combustion power in the car.

Bolster the horsepower of your car’s engine

The engine of the vehicle works by using the air which is mixed with the fuel. This increases the combustion power of the engine and results in boosting the horsepower of the engine. The increase in the airflow (oxygen) in the engine increases the power output as oxygen works as the additional fuel for the engine. Richard B. Wright says that it is always a major issue when it comes to buying the air inflow system for your car. The two most common types of air inflow systems for of your car include:

  • Cold Air Intake
  • Short Ram Intake

To figure out which air intake system you should choose for your car, then check out the main differences between the two.

Design of the cold and short ram air intake

Cold air intake system is designed to suck the cooler air from outside and deliver it to the engine. This ensures that the engine of the car is kept cool as long as possible. It is generally installed at a distance from the engine so that the engine’s heat does not heat up the air which it pushes towards the engine. On the other hand, the short ram air intake system is an open-element filter which is designed to replace the factory intake. Short ram air intake produces no strong noise and its installation is also quite simple.

Use of high-performance filters in the cold air intake system

A lot of people are there who prefer to install the cold air intake system in their vehicle. This helps them to achieve the high-performance result. The filters used in such types of systems have a larger surface area with deeper pleats. This allows the maximum flow of air to the engine to enhance its performance. Ultimately, it helps in improving the combustion rate which reduces the consumption of fuel in the vehicle. This translates more horsepower to the engine.

Bypass filters add to the power efficiency of the engine

Cold air inflow system uses the filters to prevent the contaminants from air to get mixed with the fuel which can affect the functioning of the car’s engine. The use of cold air intake filter can result in hydro-locking. This happens when the water molecules present in the air get trapped in the filter. This can cause the water to get mixed with the fuel and create trouble in starting the car. Hence, it is suggested to use the bypass filter or use the cold air inflow filter with a hydro shield to prevent water to get mixed with the fuel.