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This website is an unofficial website. It is run by volunteers who are passionate about everything and anything going on in Iraq.

As you probably already know, when you are watching or monitoring any kind of government, there are always going to be action taking place on two levels. This, of course, involves official and unofficial action.

This applies across the board. This is not just an Iraqi thing. In fact, Western Europe and North America, the United States in particular, have these dimensions. Iraq is not an exception to this.

Accordingly, we try to share information on a purely good faith basis. As much as possible, we try to stick with official sources. These, of course, involve actual Iraqi government bureaucrats and official spokespersons and communication channels.

With that said, you know, and I know that oftentimes, these channels are quite limited as far as the information that they are willing to divulge. This is where reporters on the ground such as yourself come into play. If you live in Iraq or if you know people who live in Iraq or you actively monitor social media from this part of the world, we would love to hear from you.

While we’re not encouraging people to contribute rank speculation or raw, unfiltered gossip, we do welcome all sorts of late breaking news that we can corroborate using more official sources.

From our experience, it often takes an unofficial talk on social media for official channels to open up and be more forthcoming regarding the issues raised by all this unofficial talk. We kind of push each other. Sometimes, the government takes the lead. At other times, the citizens on the ground take the lead.

With that said, if you see any links that are broken or are not working properly, we would love to hear from you. If you know of any Iraqi government information resources, please reach out.

This website is collaborative in nature. While we do provide a platform, it is our expectation that people who use this website will contribute. Not necessarily in terms of money, but in terms of information, contacts and other relevant pieces of data that would truly take the value people get from this website to a whole other level.

Also, unlike other ‘official’ or semi-official sites run by or inspired by middle eastern governments, we focus on a free exchange of information here. In other words, outside of really limited situations, we don’t censor. Come as you are and get stuff off your chest. This is the kind of site we run. We know a lot of our contributors come from overseas. We want to create a fruitful place of ferment for ideas, commentary, contributions, and lively debate.

With that said, this is not a forum for personal insults, death threats, or any other type of activity that seeks to discourage the free exchange of ideas and thoughts. We are trying to strike a nice balance here. Help us out.

Help us achieve our mission by discussing, contributing, or sharing the information here, and otherwise doing your part to get the word out.