A logo is a visual representation of your business. Even if it is small in size, it still holds the power to engage prospective clients and turn them into your loyal customers. It bears the message, the concept, the mission and vision of your company. And in every shape, line, color, and typography, it tells your customer something they should expect from your business.

At first, glance, designing a logo for your business seems easy. You can get it from free logo download and design apps. You can create your own as you wish but it doesn’t just end there – and it shouldn’t. To design an effective logo that will captivate your potential customers to know your business, there are certain processes to follow. These are:

#1 Design Analysis

This can be done by identifying the elements that you want to see in your logo design. You can ask your colleagues their impression of the business. You can survey the best color that describes the business or an iconic symbol that suits the company’s image.

For instance, the Playboy magazine chose the rabbit because of its frisky and playful image while the tuxedo connotes sophistication. When this is compared to what the company is offering, it matches with the idea of the modern liberated women with a playful and sophisticated image.

#2 Research and look for a reference in your niche

Why would people seek your product or service? This is one of the prevailing questions that you need to consider when designing a logo for your business. Researching on the niche market of your business will help you identify what kind of logo that would help customers identify that your service or product is what they need based on your business logo.

#3 Conceptualize

Once the brainstorming, research and checking on references, you can start sketching for your business logo. Based on your research and reference checking you can come up with designs that best describe your business.

#4 Revise until you’re satisfied

When you design and conceptualize your business logo, never stop designing until you’re fully satisfied with the look. Also, it is best to ask for the opinion of your colleagues with regards to your logo designs. That is because there are instances where you overlook the detail of the logo.

#5 Present the logo to your colleagues

Since the logo serves as the mirror of what your business can do to improve the lives of people, presenting your logo design to your colleague could help you understand what’s missing or not. In designing a logo, it’s not all about the aesthetic appearance of the logo. It has to have a meaning. Your colleagues’ comments about the logo you had design will help you determine if the logo bears the image that the company upholds or not.

Designing an effective logo for your brand, analyzing the elements, making researches and looking for references, conceptualizing, revision and presentation of logo design can take a lot of time. However, proper planning and preparation to create a high-quality logo could help you maintain your company’s image and your clients’ trust.