Make no mistake, Iraq, as distressed and as violent as it may be from time to time, is still part of the global community. There is no embargo around it. It is not a pariah state. It is not being boycotted by a wide range of states. Sure, it has its fair share of problems but it is not as messed up as it’s portrayed to be in the general mainstream media. Not by a long shot.

In fact, if you look outside of Baghdad or the northern part of the country, the rest of Iraq starts to look good. If you’re looking for something peaceful, stable, and family oriented and traditional, Iraq is your place. If you’re looking for a place where you can buy a lot of stuff with $1, Iraq is the place. Iraq has so many things going for it and unfortunately a lot of this stuff is hidden from most American’s view because they just get the mainstream CNN, Fox News view of Iraq as this violent, wild west frontier where terrorists are basically hiding in every corner.

It really is sad. It portrays a stereotypical view of Iraq that is very harmful to the country’s business resources and tourism fortunes. Who in their right minds would want to tour Iraq, right. Given the endless list of negative news you get coming from that part of the world. Despite the negative media coverage, Iraqis are still living normal lives.

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