While there are various new methods describing how to go about hacking into a WhatsApp account, only a few are thought to be effective. If you are really interested in WhatsApp hacken, below are some options that you can consider;

Spying through Your PC

This option is not referred to as a method rather a smart trick. The method involves reading someone’s WhatsApp message through the WhatsApp web service. Below is how it works

Get yourself a personal computer or laptop where you want to track WhatsApp and then open WhatsApp web.

Make sure you have with you the target phone with the WhatsApp account you are trying to hack and open the WhatsApp application on it

While on WhatsApp, navigate to the hamburger menu on the top left corner of the application

From the list provided to you, tap on the “WhatsApp web” on the list and thereafter scan the code that is appearing on your laptop or pc screen by targeting the phone camera in front of the browser screen of the pc or laptop

At this point, you have already paired the phone’s WhatsApp with the laptop or pc and now you will be able to receive the message and at the same time chat in real-time directly on your laptop. The main drawback with this method is that, if the person turns off the internet connection or logs out, you won’t be able to receive messages any longer. Relatively, this option does not offer the same ease WhatsApp spying applications for android offers.

Mac-Spoofing Method

This method is somewhat complicated and technical. It actually involves making use of the MAC (media access control) address, being a hardware code provided by the network adaptor manufacturer. This is a 12-digit address that can be modified using the SPL emulators for Android. Below is how you can go about using this method

The first step in hacking into the target’s account on your android phone is installing the WhatsApp application as there can only be just for WhatsApp on the phone

Secondly, find a way to gain access to the target phone and go to its setting to locate the mac address. Follow this step for any android phone: navigate to settings, thereafter go to be About Phone, after that to Status, then finally Wi-Fi MAC Address

Take note of the mac address, go ahead and install android emulator application, in order to modify your phone’s MAC address

Open the application and type “IP link show”. This will display the interfaces on your mobile phone

Make sure you recognize the one with the mac address and type ‘eth0’

Set the MAC address

When you are done with that, press ‘enter’ to complete the mac spoofing.

Go ahead and reinstall the WhatsApp application on your android phone and during the process of installation, enter the target cell phone numbers.

WhatsApp will send across a verification code to the target phone, find a way to get the code and paste it in your WhatsApp if you want to hack a WhatsApp account.

At this point, you are in total control of the target’s phone WhatsApp. You can also receive and send messages from their account just the way you want.