Let’s get one thing clear. Getting the word out about the great things happening on the ground in Iraq is a false errand. It really is. It’s quite a tall order because people from all over the world have this idea that Iraq is a living hell. They feel that when they watch news footage of Iraq it’s always the worst things happening. We’re talking about bombs, we’re talking about suicide attacks, we’re talking about police outposts being blown to bits.

If the text of this news is distressing enough, wait until you see the videos. It is against this backdrop that a lot of people have developed a truly negative view of this part of the world. This really is too sad because if you think about all that is going on in Iraq and all the huge amount of people involved, the actual violence is quite small.

On a raw percentage basis as far as people’s day to day living is concerned, most of Iraq is peaceful. People are getting married, people are buying cars for the first time, people are setting up businesses, people are buying and selling stuff. In other words, people are living their lives like they normally would. Don’t let the news or bombings here and there throw you off.

This is why Iraqi NGO units are really doing am amazing job. They definitely have a noble calling because few people would want to hear the truth. Even if you put it right in front of their face, a lot of people would turn a blind eye. A lot of people would prefer to see the stereotype. People would rather focus on what they think they already know.

This is quite tragic because there are lives hanging on the balance. There is a tremendous amount of huge foreign aid budgets that hang in the balance. The sooner this stereotype goes away, the better off people on the ground in Iraq will be. This is why your advocacy is crucial.

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