We buy kratom from a store with an intention to get a good result from it. Kratom Crazy is a known brand to offer various kratom supplements. However, there are different ways to make kratom effects much stronger. You will enjoy the benefits from the herb, and increase its potential by applying various tricks. This is called as the process of potentiation. The small dose of kratom will become much effective to you. This also helps you to keep away from the risk of overdose.

Kratom plants are cultivated in the southeastern part of Asia. With the use of some natural ingredients, you will be able to have an increased effect of kratom. We have listed those natural components to help you in getting the benefits.

The sap of grapefruits

As one of the kratom consumers, you may better include it in your everyday routine to get faster results from kratom. You may have chosen kratom in powder or capsule form. However, you have to sip grapefruit sap every day. This is also helpful you to make kratom’s effect long lasting. You may also chew the peel of grapefruit to have this type of effects.


We know that turmeric is helpful to us in different ways. However, the regular kratom consumers also choose to incorporate it into their routine. This is one of the spices, used to increase the effects of kratom.


It is one of the types of lettuce, having a special hydrating capability. However, the best fact is that this is able to make kratom effects stronger. This lettuce has different minerals, which are helpful to give you the best results.

Cayenne pepper

Most of us use the pepper to cleanse our body. Kratom strength becomes higher due to the use of this type of pepper. While you are using kratom powder, you can combine the pepper with it.

Although we have listed different ingredients to help you in enjoying better kratom effects, you have to take them at the right time. You must not eat them while having kratom simultaneously. It is better not to have it after consuming kratom. You have to take the ingredients 30 minutes before the ingestion of kratom. This will help you in enjoying the best results from kratom consumption. You will also feel its effect for a longer time. Most of the daily consumers know these tricks.

You are thinking of how the above ingredients help you in having effects from Kratom. These components perform their functions simply by holding back the metabolism of body. The major target is to control cytochrome process. The enzyme breaks down kratom alkaloids after getting into the body. That is why you get longer effects from consuming kratom.

Follow the above instructions while you are consuming any strain of kratom. Whether you are having kratom pills or powder, you have to rely on our tips. By investing in kratom products, you will surely be able to have better benefits.