There are many times that people feel that their partners are cheating on them but they do not have any proof of that and it would be stupid to put the allegations without any proof. If you are noticing a change in the behavior and activities of your girlfriend then you can consider spying her phone to get to know the reason behind it. There are many spyware available for free and you can download it on her mobile phone to keep a track of her activities and her location. For more information about the spyware, you can check out  The best thing about them is that they are unidentifiable.

Things which you can spy on

There are many things on which you can keep an eye with the help of this software. Here are some things which you can track:

Text messages:

You can see the messages that your girlfriend is texting to any contact with the help of this app. You can know the date and time of the text messages. You can also check out the incoming messages. This feature helps you to know whether your girlfriend is cheating on you or not. You will be able to know that if she has deleted the messages or not with the help of this app.


With the help of the spying app, you can get to know the details of the call log of your girlfriend like the date and duration of the call. You can spy both the incoming and the outgoing calls of your girlfriend very easily. It also allows you to record the call for future.

GPS location:

If you have any doubt that your girlfriend is lying about going somewhere then you can easily track the location of your girlfriend with the help of this spy software. This software updates the location of the person at regular intervals so that you have the real-time access of the location of your girlfriend.


The photos can be easily recovered with the help of this app even if they have been deleted from the cell phone. You can have access to all the file images. The photos cannot be easily recovered by any software but the spyware software can help you to recover the photos.

Calendar events:

If you think that your girlfriend has many events scheduled and you are unaware of those events then definitely you can check out the calendar event of your girlfriend with the help of this spy software. The calendar events can also be recovered if deleted.

Social media access:

Social media has emerged as a great medium to have chat with your friends. If you have any doubt that your girlfriend is chatting with someone on social media then you can spy on the social media accounts also using the spy software. You can read the text messages on platforms like Facebook and check out the posts which she had hidden from you.

Keeping track of all these things will help you in knowing whether your girlfriend is cheating or not.