You need to think fast; do you know the whereabouts of your laptop? There is every chance that you felt worried for some seconds until its location was fully established in your head, right? Think how you would have felt if perchance your laptops were stolen, misplaced or lost. How would you get your laptop and most especially your data back from the hands of the stranger?  How do you possibly think you can restrict the criminal from using the corporate or private data on your lost/stolen laptop? We have invested time in compiling some products from to assist in giving you peace of mind.

It is important you are aware of the fact that a laptop antitheft product is capable of keeping strangers from using your laptop and most importantly it can keep your data safe and secured. It promises to protect your personal information and by all means resist the attempt of the thief trying to disable the protection. If perchance the laptop was lost, it has a means with which the honest finder can communicate with the laptop owner to have it returned. If on the other hand the laptop was stolen, a laptop antitheft product will help in locating the laptop for retrieval. Different goals are emphasized by different products. Below you will find how these products stack up.

Location, Location, Location

When you are unable to locate your laptop, the first thing that should come to your mind is having knowledge of its current location. Majority of the laptop antitheft products employ WiFi lookup for location. They scan through nearby WiFi hotspot, most especially skyhook’s or Google’s, to have an idea of the location of the laptop

It is not farfetched to locate the laptop using the IP address of the internet service provider that the laptop is connected to. The accuracy of IP-based geolocation is nothing close to WiFi-based technology. However, they both have their advantages and disadvantages, wifi-based technology can locate a laptop with a city while IP geolocation can do the same by miles.

GadgetTrak, Snuko, Laptop Superhero and LaptopSentry all make provision for built-in communication, with the chance that when someone honest locates your laptop, they can communicate with the laptop owner for retrieval. LaptopSentry most especially allow two-way communication between the finder and the laptop owner

Laptop Superhero incorporates a button on the welcome screen that displays the information of the finder. The finder can choose to disclose his contact information. The company takes the responsibility of having the laptop returned. If necessary, they’ll ship the laptop to the owner free of charge.

LoJack on the other have allows the user to lock the lost/stolen laptop and having a custom message display to the finder. It is advised that you do not make such a move because the chance of receiving help from the company’s team responsible for theft recovery will be forfeited.

Shredding Secrets

Having your personal access secured via online backup, the primary task automatically becomes hindering the thief from mining the files for sensitive information. It is important you are aware of the fact that it does a very bad job of informing you of the progress. LoJack and Laptop Cop can have files deleted remotely. There is a secured overwriting feature that LoJack offers that makes the file unrecoverable.